URGENT: The Woodley Park Archery Range and The Sepulveda Wildlife Reserve needs you!

No_AngelFest_Save_Woodley_ParkEven though the promoters have withdrawn their plans for the giant music festival called Angelfest 2016, they are trying to push through Angelfest 2017 now. They’re hoping we aren’t paying attention.

We need you to show up at a public meeting to voice your concerns:
Tuesday, May 10, 6:00 pm
Balboa Sports Center. 17015 Burbank Blvd, Encino, CA 91316 (map)

Like the whole process so far, this meeting is stacked against Woodley Park, the Archery Range, the Cricket Fields, the Wildlife Reserve, and those who care about them. As far as we can tell, the proponents of Angelfest will be able to address the meeting. Our main allies, The San Fernando Valley Audubon Society, has repeatedly requested equal time and, every time, they have been rebuffed. However, as individuals you will be able to record your comments officially. So we need you to show up and be heard!

Speak for the wildlife that can’t speak for itself. Speak out for the Archery Range and Cricket Fields that will be damaged. Don’t let Woodley Park become a fairgrounds; there are more appropriate fairgrounds already set aside and maintained for these kinds of events. There is more information about the Wildlife Reserve, Woodley Park and the proposed giant music festival at The San Fernando Valley Audubon Society web site. If you haven’t signed the petition yet, click here

Please bring your friends and neighbors to the meeting.

We really need your help!