Constitution and By-Laws of the Woodley Park Archers

Below are the first two sections of the Constitution and By-Laws of the Woodley Park Archers.


The name of this organization shall be the “WOODLEY PARK ARCHERS,” indicated in abbreviation as the WPA.


The WPA shall be operated exclusively for educational, charitable, and social purposes and to perpetuate, foster, and elevate the sport of archery through education; the promotion of youth, family, and individual archery participation, and the proper care and use of archery equipment, as well as the direction and practice of proper archery techniques, form and etiquette. Other main objectives include the promotion of self discipline, teamwork, fellowship, and good sportsmanship, which is achieved by teaching classes in all areas and levels of archery, conducting tournaments, and by holding social events. The WPA shall be non-sectarian, non-political in its activities.

All monies & assets raised or received by WPA shall be used for the purpose stated above. No part of net earnings shall benefit any private individual.

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