Classes & Activities

The Woodley Park Archers free Introductory Archery Classes and the JOAD classes have been temporarily suspended due to implementation of the Social Distancing policy in effect in the State of California and City of Los Angeles due to the COVID -19 virus pandemic. We will keep you informed on how long we intend to have the class cancellations remain in effect. Please check back here, on Facebook, and on Instagram for the most updated information.

Below are descriptions of WPA’s regularly scheduled classes and activities. For special events and competitions, please check the Calendar.

If you are going to participate for the first time, please download and complete the Woodley Park Archers Class Waiver. Please bring your waiver to your first class. Please note that printing your waiver does not guarantee you a spot in the Safety Class; class is on a first-come first-serve basis upon arrival at class. Each and every participant of our instructional/recreational program must complete this registration and release, for himself/herself and for each child participation in the activity. WPA strives to provide a valuable community service and apologizes for any inconvenience.

Free Beginner Classes


Every Saturday 9:00 AM* to 11:00 AM, except during rain.
Every Wednesday 6:00 PM* to 8:00 PM, except during rain.

Woodley Park Archers provide all necessary equipment and instruction.
Students must be at least 9 years old.
Equipment is given out in the first 30 minutes only. NO EXCEPTIONS.

*Arrive at least 90 minutes before class time to get in line and register.

Location: Woodley Park Archery Range

JOAD (Junior Olympic Archery Development)

Sunday 4:00 PM to 6:00 PM
Pre-approval required.
Location: Woodley Park Archery Range

See our JOAD page for more information!

Summer Youth Archery Program


League Night

Thursday 6:00 PM to 8:00 PM
No instruction or equipment provided.
Location: Woodley Park Archery Range

Traditional Night (Currently on Hiatus)

Friday 6:00 PM to 8:00 PM
No instruction or equipment provided.
Location: Woodley Park Archery Range