Dear WPA Members and Friends,

Happy Holidays to one and all from Woodley Park Archers!

As 2012 draws to a close, I wanted to reflect on what a year it has been for Woodley Park Archers and thank one and all for the valuable contribution everyone has made. The year has been a phenomenally challenging and successful one for the club and the Woodley Park Archery facility. Many goals set at the beginning of the year were met and exceeded throughout the year with the hard work, cooperation and teamwork of a great board of directors and coaching staff.

The board hit the ground running at the beginning of the year, working to re-design our Woodley Park Archers website into an informative and useful resource for all. We embraced social media and became a notable presence on Facebook as a way to communicate with our members and archery student friends to keep them informed and up to date class information about our programs and activities.

With the release of the Hunger Games and Brave, along with the Olympics, we anticipated and saw unprecedented exposure to the sport of archery, and it helped immensely to allow us to grow the sport and the club. Membership has soared from approximately 30 members near the beginning of the year to over 135 members.

The club has introduced the sport of archery to hundreds and hundreds of new archers through its Introductory Community Archery Program and assisted them in their continuing participation to improve their skills through our valuable instruction. We have worked toward growing our coaching staff and improving our instructional programing to enable us to more efficiently run our classes and handle hundreds of new and returning students each week in our Wednesday evening and Saturday morning free classes. We continue working on growing that programming to soon offer advanced beginner and intermediate instruction as well as compound instruction to assist all archers in progressing and improving their skill levels and enjoyment of the sport.

We have re-established a solid working relationship with the Easton Sports Development Foundation, to earn their valuable continuing support of our club and the range over which we have the privilege of stewardship. We can’t thank them enough for that continuing support!

We have seen many improvements to the range facility, including new beautiful and informative sign-age at the range, two short range target wall foam renovations, long range bale repair and replacement, long needed repairs to our range lighting, and replenishment of our supply of instructional equipment.

We have gotten back on track with many successful events including Club BBQ’s, swap meets, and informative instructional and entertaining presentations by local accomplished archers and Olympian’s alike. We also look forward to renewing our tournament competition program.

We befriended our local councilman, Tony Cardenas, who along with the entire Los Angeles City Council and Mayor, recognized and honored Woodley Park Archers and its members and coaches, for our valuable service to our community through our Introductory Community Archery Instructional Program.

We have begun working to establish our relationship with the City of Los Angeles Department of Recreation & Parks and with Easton Sports Development Foundation to grow and improve the range facility and expand our programs.

We are the stewards and the future of the success and the legacy of the Woodley Park Archery Range. We thank you all for your membership and support of the club and the range. With your valued contribution, you enable Woodley Park Archers to continue to work to preserve and protect our beloved range and our sport. Thank you for all your support of WPA!

Sincerest Best Wishes for a Joyous Holiday Season.

Wayne Shaphran
President, Woodley Park Archers