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Are the Beginners Classes held when it rains?

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Woodley Park Archers classes are held year round, unless it is raining. If class is canceled participants will get a cancellation email along with a refund for the class.

Are the Beginners Classes crowded?

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Currently, Beginner Class registration is limited to only 30 students. Some sessions do fill up, and we recommend signing up well in advance of your desired class date.

How early should one arrive to sign in for class?

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We recommend arriving 30 minutes before class time. Check-in closes at 9:00am for Beginner Class on Saturdays; anyone arriving after 9:00am will not be able to check in as the safety class will have officially started.

Who teaches your classes?

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All our instructors are members of Woodley Park Archers, and certified by USA Archery and/or National Field Archery Association who volunteer their time to teach in our instructional program.

If I already know how to shoot, do I have to attend class first?

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Experienced archers do not need to take our beginner course to shoot at the range during open recreational shooting times, however all archers who wish to shoot during our group classes must have gone through our safety course, and all shooters must follow all range rules and safety procedures at all times.

What hours is the range open?

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Woodley Park Archery Range is open to the public from sunrise to sundown, seven days a week. The short range is closed to the general public during WPA classes, activities and events (check the WPA Range Schedule for more information). Archers with their own equipment are free to shoot when the range is open, subject to following all range safety rules and procedures.

Do I have to pay to shoot at Woodley Park Archery Range?

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There is no cost to shoot at the range. It is free and open to the public for recreational shooting, except during WPA classes and scheduled events and activities. There is an administration fee to participate in our Beginner and Returning Student Classes.

Do I have to belong to Woodley Park Archers to shoot at the range?

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No, membership in Woodley Park Archers is not required to shoot at the range with your own equipment during open recreational shooting. Woodley Park Archers does not loan out or rent equipment during non class times.

Is WPA archery equipment available to borrow or rent?

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No, Woodley Park Archers archery equipment is not available to rent or borrow during non class times; equipment is only available for use during our WPA instruction classes. Equipment is not available to borrow or rent during non class times.

Do you know of any place where archery equipment can be rented?

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